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RE: Using XyWrite with XP OS

--- Harry Binswanger  wrote:

> Hmmm. Checking the web, I see you may be right.
> There is a splitter cable
> for under $3, but I doubt it will allow the
> splitting across two monitors
> that I have:
> http://www.outletpc.com/c6207.html
> So maybe my recommendation of dual monitors applies
> only to those with the
> latest dual graphics cards or those with laptops.

I'm not really sure HOW you are accomplishing this.
In regard to Brian's question, I don't see where a
splitter is going to do this for anyone. The point
is, we are talking about *two separate* video feeds of
*different* signals (separate app.s), are we not ?
Unless you actually mean that both displays are
actually the same, with Windowed app.s on top of each
other, yet somehow you are managing to "emphasize" one
on one display, and emphasize the other one on the
other display ? (Sort of like virtual desktops,

My older dual head Matrox card has *two* video taps,
one for each of two possible monitors. Somehow I
don't see that being the case with a laptop, so I
really am wondering exactly what you are running,
Harry ?