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Re: XyDos to Win Clipboard

>I frequently find myself wanting to copy an address or some
>other small bit of text into an email message I'm writing
>in NetScape. Is there an *easy* way to go from text in
>XyWrite for DOS to the Windows clipboard? (I can always load
>XW or something else, but usually it's not worth the bother.)
Much easier way:
  1. hit alt-Enter, which will make XyDOS appear in a window, instead
of full screen.
  2. drag you mouse to select the stuff you want to be on the clipboard.
  3. go to the "copy" icon at the top of the Xy window's border
(looks like two overlapping sheets of paper) and click on it.

That's it.
Two assumption: it's Win95 and your "Properties" setting for XyDos,
under the MISC tab has the "quick edit" box checked--if it's not
checked, you first have to click on the icon for selecting text (looks
like a square formed with dashes) before you can drag with the mouse
to select.

BTW, better than Clipboard is SmartBoard--allows you to stack up
hundreds of "copied" marked text instead of just one. Info:

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