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Re: v3-4 dual use gotcha

On 23-JAN-1996 21:12:19.5 xywrite said to LESLIE319
   >On 01/23/96 at 08:42 PM,
   >m  said:
   >>    That should do it!  However, I wouldn't set 1a=0
   >permanently--doing so >creates some other problems, especially having
   >to do with embedded >footnotes.  And another thing:  If you looked at
   >your read.me file when >you
   >I don't get this; I've had 1A set to 0 from time immemorial (well, a
   >long time anyway).  What is supposed to be the problem?

    As Annie pointed out, I had it backward.  1A=0 is default setting, and
doesn't show anything after the EOFs.  If you set 1A=1,
you may have trouble when you create footnotes, as well as some other
problems Annie describes in her post.

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