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Re: v3-4 dual use gotcha

On 24-JAN-1996 13:38:32.0 xywrite said to LESLIE319
   >Leslie writes: "I wouldn't set 1a=0 permanently--doing so creates some
   >other problems, especially having to do with embedded footnotes."

   >Leslie: Did you perchance mean 1a=1? 1A=0 is the zap-what-follows-eof
   >hard-coded in previous versions. I've never done anything with y3, so
   >no prob there. ...

    Yes yes yes.  Sorry, Annie.  If you leave the EOFs zapped, you're
golden.  It's 1A=1 that causeth problems.

   >Don't know why I should encounter more my share of xyW eof conflicts,
   >but I seem to, going back to the '80s. I've used a stripper ever since
   >for crossplatform files. So I was excited to see the v4 1A option, but
   >noted the documentation's warnings: Don't set it to 1 (ignore midfile
   >eofs) if you have Document Info turned on. I've had Doc Info turned
   >off from the start, but suspect that Robert hasn't, and that that
   >accounts for: "I remember two specific problems with 1A=1. I would
   >often find that files imported from outside or else edited earlier
   >with 1A=0 suddenly acquired a tail of Document Information (the IO=1
   >stuff) as a constituent part of the document. [...]"

    Robert's no doubt correct.  There are also problems with fns.

   >When 1A is set at 1 and you open a loaded config file (.mnu, .dlg,
   >etc.), a lot of binary garbage is displayed at the end. If you work on
   >one and save while it's loaded, presumably the garbage is saved too as
   >if it were text. So I work on a copy, and to test I overwrite the
   >loaded file and reload the new version--which probably should be done
   >in any event.

    Sounds sane.  I use 1A=1 when WordPerfect files are incorrectly prepared
and crash Word for Word.  It's the only way you can get at the critters.

   >In a discussion of xyW's eof a few months ago, someone asked asked why
   >xyW still uses what the doubter characterized as the archaic eof
   >convention. I think this situation explains why. Previous versions
   >haven't let you see the memory data that xyW appends to a loaded
   >config file, and if you save one that's loaded, the 1A zaps the binary
   >stuff that follows. v4 lets you see that stuff if you set 1A at 1, but
   >you must take the binary stuff into account.
   >I've complained about v4 taking choices that were present before out of
   >users' hands, but in this case v4 gives you a new chance to hang
   >yourself if you're not careful. I'm glad it does, just wish the
   >documentation were more thorough.       --A

    I suspect it's something the old mgt. threw into Signature to make IBM
happy and it's just been lurking there bugs and all, ever since.


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