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Re: Various virtual machines compared

--- On Thu, 1/24/13, Kari Eveli  wrote:

> This may be. But why try to "Tame" an unwilling Windows
> version, when you could run DOS under a virtual machine
> without any need for it? After all, DOS does not need to be
> tamed. The DOS/Win 3.11 w/DOS boxes under VirtualPC works
> (under XP 32-bit at least) without any taming and just as a
> dedicated DOS/Win 3.11 machine would. Setting up XP under a
> virtual machine is not the most economical thing you could
> do as computer resources are concerned. It is a lot of
> unnecessary baggage. Win 3.11 DOS boxes were designed for
> running DOS applications, whereas later variants (Win 95-
> onwards) are just compatibility boxes. The bad news is:
> support for this kind of virtualization is getting scarse.
> Win7 with VirtualPC may be the last working solution.
> Best regards,
> Kari Eveli
> LEXITEC Book Publishing (Finland)
> lexitec@xxxxxxxxxx

Yes, maybe so, but even that won't resolve your printing issues
(USB + makes / models unknown in the heyday of Xy), whereas NB
can make this transparent and a non-issue.