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Lost Expanded Memory

Dear Robert

I have made the changes you suggested in my settings.dfl and xywwweb.reg file and I do appear to be
able to use the UK Microlytics dictionary. I say appear because the dictionary is now querying
words that it must know (turbine, steam, twelve, undersea, terminated, wholesale, undertake).  I
have checked the same file on my desktop machine and with my laptop and the former is querying far
more words than the latter. (Both are using the UK dictionary, in the case of the laptop it is the
only one available since the US dictionary is not even loaded onto the disk.)

The only clue that may point to what is going on is that these rogue words all begin with a late
letter of the alphabet; roughly from S onwards. Has a part of the dictionary been left hanging
over the memory precipice? Whatever, it is exceedingly exasperating. But at least the theory


PS. Just to double check the behaviour, I carried out the dictionary swap manually, shelling out
to DOS, etc. The result was the same; lots of queries of words beginning with S, T ...  How