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Re: Global Subroutines II

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, David wrote:

> ** Reply to note from ML Solla
 11/05/95 11:17am  > -0500
> > > EG2: I can't go back to a DOS version of XyWrite because I
need to be  > > able to send faxes thru the Windows operating
system. > > > > This is NOT meant to be an item in the OS
wars--I've refrained. But, I routinely use  > XyDos to send
faxes through my OS/2 Faxworks program, italics and everything.

David - I don't care about faxing - I just want to know why
anyone would upgrade to the windows product. Screen fonts?

PS - I noticed recently that Ultravision has been abandoned by
Persoft. Maybe the couldn't find anything to upgrade. (More
likely couldn't figure out which platform to support eh?

Joe Solla