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It struck me yesterday that I might have been the cause of some
of the problems I've been having with Orbis.

In using XyDos with OS/2, I've set the amount of available memory
on the low side (I set the /e parameter to 1000 and match this in
the program settings) so I'd have more memory available when
switching to other tasks. However, it suddenly struck me that
this might not be adequate when swapping in and out of Orbis. So
now I've set XyDos to use the 4 Mb maximum it is capable of and
am seeing how things go. I've not used Orbis enough to really
tell yet, but so far so good.

Would anyone have any information about Orbis and optimum memory
allocation? How much memory will keep Orbis happy? Or is this
actually a nonissue?

Dan Kanagy     Work: wordwise@xxxxxxxx    Play:
Tokyo, Japan