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  Here is a puzzler for someone more knowledgeable than I am. This is one of
those cases in which I've found a practical solution and the puzzle is why it
  I've used a Toshiba laptop T1200 for a year and a half. When I tried to
use Xywrite with it, I found that in the spelling checker and memory usage
screen, some crucial keys did not work. The cursor keys in particular did not
work, so that there was no way to choose the alternative spellings offered by
the spelling checker and no way to tell memory usage to dump the spelling
  I thought that my customized keyboard might be at fault, so I loaded the
plain vanilla Ibm.kbd. The result was no different. Xyquest's technical
support (and several people on this board) suggested putting "NI" before the
cursor commands in the keyboard file, but that didn't help. I lived without
the spelling checker in my laptop, which was tolerable because my office
machine could always check my spelling.
  When I signed up for the Xyquest Info Line, I browsed among the available
files, and found a keyboard file for a Toshiba laptop. I loaded it and my
troubles were over. I added my customization and it still worked.
  Here is the oddity. As far as I can see, this Toshiba keyboard file is
just the plain vanilla Ibm.kbd file with a nice diagram of the Toshiba laptop
keyboard at the beginning. Why does it work when the Ibm.kbd does not. If I
knew who the author was, I would ask him, but all the file says on that subject
is "9/8/88 - This is a keyboard designed by a XyWrite III Plus user for the
Toshiba 1100+. This keyboard is a beta file. It is not supported by
  Any suggestions?