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Re: New copy and paste functions

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Fri, 7 Nov
2003 15:18:32 GMT

> Am I supposed to be replacing a frame in xywwweb.u2 v115?

Yes: the frame (CLIPWXY4.FRM) in ZIP subdirectory /XY4

> it is not mentioned in the installation instructions with CLIPW32.ZIP

That's because the new (replacement) "installation instructions" in
CLIPWXY4.HLP refer to the new (replacement) U2 frame CLIPWXY4.FRM, both in
CLIPW32.ZIP -- they're a pair. They replace the existing frames in,
respectively, XYWWWEB.INF and XYWWWEB.U2. If, as intended, you plugged them
both in, it would be illogical for the new Help frame to talk about replacing
an old U2 frame.

In sum, you have to replace _four_ things in the original version:

1) AutoItX.dll with AutoItX3.dll (in the ZIP)
2) CLIP.VBS with new (in ZIP) CLIP.VBS
3) The old frame {{5ClipW*}} in U2 with frame {{5ClipW*}} in ZIP's
\XY4\CLIPWXY4.FRM (then LOADHELP the altered U2!)
4) The old frame {Clip,ClipO,ClipW*,ClipW,ClipWA,ClipWB,ClipWC,ClipWP,ClipWR}
in INF with new "instructions" frame in ZIP's \XY4\CLIPWXY4.HLP (you don't
actually require this to get CLIP to work, but OTOH it tells you _how_ to get
it to work, so...)

Probably this is your problem.

I thought it was obvious that everything gets swapped, but... on second
glance... maybe not. I guess the lesson is, don't change anything until the
next U2 release! Although even then... there'd still be some replacement (DLL
and VBS).

Robert Holmgren