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Query for Tim Baehr


A couple of queries that may be of general interest.

Your ENHANCE.ZIP has now been posted for downloading. See my
other message for today. Many thanks.

I just tried installing ENHANCE, and found that XY4 had some
trouble with the LH default. When I changed the dot in (d
lh=57,55.7) to a comma, there was no further problem. I have
made the change in

After installing, I ran into trouble. You noted that loading the
enhanced keyboard is optional, since many users prefer their own
customizations. I found that if I did not load it, however, the
new commands (which are one of your major attractions) do not
work. The new menus don't work either (e.g., if I click on the
reopen menu nothing happens). I can't figure out why this is,
since your enter and
XC keys, which are the only ones involved in issuing the
commands, are normal. Since I use a very different set of key
assignments than you do, would you let me and others know what
are the essential key assignments for enabling commands?

Many thanks,

-- Nathan Sivin
History and Sociology of Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia PA 19104-3325