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Re: Grrr [OS2 and XY install]

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995 JackShafer@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Don't torture yourself over the failure to install OS2 on your rigs. I read
> today that IBM's own Aptiva line has a difficult time digesting the operating
> system. Me, I spent three months trying to install it on an Austin 486/50
> with no tweaky boards. Installation/compatiblity seems to be the Window
> 3.1/95's one excelling virtue.
Yeah, the OS/2 devotees are living in some kind of fantasy warp. It *is*
a terrific OS--if you can get it to work. Many people can't, and it's not
because we're complete idiots.

More and more , I find myself returning to basics. I'm using XyWrite 3.55
again, with v. 4 for occasional use only; I "downgraded" from OS/2 to
Windoze, and if I could just figure out a way to get faxes in the
background with a DOS program, I'd go back to XyWrite and plain DOS.

Hey, man, I'm a writer, not a computer professional. I don't have time
for this crap.