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James Besser writes, "Not to start another OS flame war, but ..."

The flame war may go on, but the OS war is over. The 1 August 1995 NYTimes
business section headline told the whole story:
	"I.B.M. Chief Concedes OS/2 Has Lost Desktop War
		"The system will be aggressively
		 marketed for `server' computers."
"Obsessions with operating systems is fighting the last war," Lou Gerstner
said. IBM spokesmen have been busy in the days since emphatically confirming
Gerstner's statement that "our focus is in the large enterprise." Not that
IBM will forget the noncorporate/noninstitutional market totally: Users can
look forward to an IBM software "family fun pack." It's probably too much to
hope that the few zealots among the many Warp users who subscribe to this
list will heed Gerstner's statement that "we have to go on to the next

Jim concludes: "I've installed all kinds of software without a hitch; OS/2 is
the *first* program I couldn't get to work. If you have any suggestions,
please let me know."

I suggest reading Peter H. Lewis's "Personal Computers" column in the 8
August NYTimes. An excerpt:
	"After struggling to install the latest version of OS/2 Warp on my new
Pentium-based computer for several days, I called in I.B.M.'s chief OS/2
evangelist and technical guru, David L. Barnes. Mr. Barnes travels around the
world and appears on television touting the virtues of OS/2.
	"After spending more than an hour trying unsuccessfully to install OS/2 on
my machine, the normally effervescent Mr. Barnes finally gave up.
	"He remains the world's biggest fan of OS/2 as a reliable operating system
for big businesses. But would he recommend OS/2 to a friend who did not have
a technical support team on call in the office?
	"`Let's put it this way,' Mr. Barnes said. `I'm going to put Windows 95 on
the machines in my house.'" 	--A

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