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Quark Solution

A few weeks ago, after I reported success in getting an
Xy4.018 file through Word 98 for Mac and into Quark 4.1.1, a
list member suggested I post the steps so that, even if no
one needs them now, the directions would wind up in the
archives, which is, after all, where I found the tip from
Leslie Bialler that began to unravel the problem in the
first place.


The following keeps all ordinary punctuation in place, and
makes it possible to convert double hyphens to em dashes,
subheads to 14pt bf, and about 100 different names to bf. I
have no idea what it might do with accents, umlauts,
footnotes et al.

In Xywrite:
[] forget about ctrl+b
[] enclose subheads in curly brackets
[] enclose names in regular brackets
[] save As drive:\path\title.doc (.doc is IMPERATIVE)
[] choose Rich Text Ansi Format (the other RTFs are said to
work also)
[] store
NOTE: saving As Wordperfect 4.2 doesn't seem to work for

In Word (works for me in both Word 98 and Word 7.0):
[] file will open with a lot of \par thingies. Leave them
[] ctrl+h to change all -- to em dashes (available under

Now comes the part Microsoft charges $35 for:

[] ctrl+h to change subheads to 14pt bf:
  a.) on the "find what" line: \{*\} (this finds what's in
curly brackets)
  b.) put a check in the wildcard box
  c.) on the "replace" line: nothing; leave it blank
  d.) in the format boxes, chose bold and 14pt
  e.) execute
NOTE: if this doesn't work, put a character--any
character--on the "replace" line, chose bold and 14pt again,
delete the character from the "replace" line, and execute. 

[] ctrl+h to bf text in regular brackets: same as above, but
use regular rather than curly brackets, i.e., \[*\]

[] ctrl+h to remove brackets:
  a.)choose "no formatting" box to remove settings (or
store file and reopen)
  b.) on "find what" line: opening bracket
  c.) on "replace" line: leave it blank
  d.) execute
  e.) repeat for close brackets
[] Save As (for my client) Word 5.01 for Mac. If the choice
you need is not immediately visible, check "options."

[] exit word

[] email to client

It probably takes longer to read these instructions than it
does to carry them out.

Hope I haven't left anything out.

Judith Davidsen