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Laptop Keyboard solution.

I have a good solution to the laptop keyboard nightmare.

For the first time in my life I've been using a laptop for about 6 weeks, on
and off.

The FIRST time I used it was probably a two-or three-hours session. My wrist
was very, very sore for me two days. It was actually throbbing in pain. I
had carpal tunnel some years ago and realized the laptop keyboard was NOT
going to work. Not only was it a monstrous inconvenience due to the size and
arrangement of the keys, but it is ergonomically a major disaster.

My solution is to use an IBM keyboard with the laptop. I usually put the
keyboard on my lap, or even in front of the laptop. I also use a real mouse.

I had to buy an adaptor for 10 bucks so that the keyboard would fit in the
USP port on the laptop.

This has proven to be a great solution, however awkward in the portability


Speaking of laptops, I'm using a borrowed Dell. It seems to be working just

However, I need to buy a laptop for my daughter, a college sophomore. We've
been asking around about the best model to purchase and are getting a
variety of opinions.

There seems to be UNIVERSAL distain for Dell. IT people in particular
usually to hate Dell, always citing their service arrangements are a

Toshiba and Gateway seem to have the fewest detractors.

Do folks on this list have any strong recommendations?


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Robert Holmgren wrote:

> If you use Stack, that is the proper assignment.  If you don't, then it
> should probably be:
>   28={3-byte Ascii-13}
> which is represented by a quarter-note.  I have 3-byte 13 on key 104, and
> on 28.

Obviously, I use Stack a lot. I'll maintain the standard 3-byte Ascii-13 
  at Shift+Enter.

>>2. This is a minor inconvenience.
> Wrong guy.  DEF is Carl's routine.  I use a different flavor, routine DF
> has no capability of extending the DF block) in conjunction with two other
> routines, GETDFB and PUTDFB, which save the locations of DF blocks, and
> reDeFine them even after you've released the DeFine state.  I guess
> has their own approach to DeFining, mostly the old customary one...

Interesting approach to DeFining. I'll study it. Anyhow I I look forward 
to hearing from Carl (if possible).

> Traveling right now, but eager to try out your new fonts when I get home.
> you're "on the road", a few things are really hammered home:
> 1) Notebook keyboards are terrible

I agree. Notebook or even laptops keyboards are incompatible with my 
fingers and my typewriting rhythm. I am already singing the IBM AT 
Keyboard blues (the classical IBM touch + Function keys on the left).
Best regards,
Manuel Castelao