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At 02:26 PM 7/22/2007, Patricia M. Godfrey wrote:
That sounds as if the batch file that SA/RTF creates and
then calls were not getting created. When I run SA/RTF, a
DOS window opens with the message
it looks as if the name of the file you're trying to convert is getting substituted for w4wtem.bat. Get a fresh copy of U2, unzip it elsewhere, and copy over the SA/RTF frame to make sure you have an uncorrupted copy.
Not sure about that, Patricia. I can *create* a XY file in any
directory and the routine runs well. It's some of my existing files
that short-circuit it. I've tried a number of experiments, including:
I create a one-line test file, run sa/rtf, which works fine. Then I
open one of the older files that failed to convert, copy everything
to clipboard, paste from clipboard into the freshly created test
file, and lo-and-behold, sa\rtf runs without a hitch. I wonder what's
hanging sa/rtf in my original files? A puzzlement.
Michael Norman