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Re: Using U2 with Nota Bene

** Reply to message from Harry Binswanger  on Fri, 10 Jan 2003
14:32:53 -0500

> Strangely, some U2 commands do work and some do not.

Harry, I just DLed v6.1 and am planning to make another stab at getting NB
running satisfactorily. I've come fairly close twice, and then the next
revision threw everything into a cocked hat. My preliminary conclusion is that
NB has real problems (apart from the keyboard, which drives me ABSOLUTELY
CRAZY) with memory management, and hits a wall where U2 frames start to
misbehave pretty quickly. The fact -- and it is a fact -- that the bleeping
thing sometimes works and then next moment doesn't, makes diagnosis a
nightmare. I'll report what I learn, if anything. Next week maybe.

Robert Holmgren