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I've been trying for several months now to figure out how to line
up labels for my laser printer (Panasonic 4420 -- HP LaserJet
emulation). I took on  the chores of secretary for the local
historical preservation group, and  putting out the monthly
mailing is a major pain -- primarily because I  can't get the
!#$!% labels to line up properly. Yes, I'm doing it the way the
book says, with the "unbreakable block" thing. Mind you, I never
had  a bit of problem  printing labels on my old dot matrix.
   I'm trying to do it with a label sheet with 3 columns, 1"
labels, so  you have 11 in each column, 33 to the page. Part of
the problem is that  the printer seems to demand to set a healthy
top margin despite my  formatting code of 0 top margin. But if I
could even get it to skip the  top row and just fill all the
other cells I'd be happy. What comes  closest is using 10 or 11
pt Dutch, with various empty lines before or  after the
unbreakable block, but it never comes out right. I dunno --  I've
literally spent days  on this, and never had that much problem
formatting anything before.


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