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3.09 quirk on Icon in Config.txt

Thanks for letting us lose the nag screen and go to the 2015 version in 3.09.

There's a small new quirk that I've fixed but it's a little curious.

After I installed 3.09, I got a new error: it wasn't finding my own icon, a red typewriter. That icon is creatively named typered.ico, and the error message pointed to config.txt not finding typered.ico, which has always been in a folder called C:\Icons.

I added copies of typered.ico to C:\Vdosplus-Xy and  in C:\Vdosplus-Xy\icons and changed the Config.txt line to point to each of those locations and then to ICON = typered.ico . But still not found.

Then I changed the icon filename to redtype.ico and the Config.txt line to Icon = redtype.ico and...no more error message.

My guess is that VdosPlus needs filenames beginning with "type" for other uses, like printing?  

Jon Pareles