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Re: vDosPlus XyWrite 3.09 available

Hi all,

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On Wednesday, January 4, 2017 5:51 PM, Carl Distefano wrote:

Reply to note from Kari Eveli lexitec@xxxxxxxx Wed, 4 Jan 2017
18:54:30 +0200

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> After the holiday break there is a new installer ready for
> download: http://www.lexitec.fi/xywrite/vDosPlus309_Setup.zip
> Hopefully soon also mirrored.
> The new features include: - the possibility to install even the
> Winter '15 or 2015.11.01 branch by ticking the appropriate
> checkbox when installing. This overcomes the nag screen when using
> the program in a networked environment. You can change branches by
> rerunning the installer. - 2 new config.txt directives (FILTER83
> and SPACELOW) - numerous small changes and enhancements (see the
> changelog.txt)


Carl Distefano