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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly

If Harry's solution doesn't work for you and HARDCODE.PGM did, try the
following. Open HARDCODE.PGM and CVA the string "fix" to some sort of
nonsense string, say "}]*={[". Any gibberish unlikely to occur in your
files. Don't change the string "fix" when it occurs after LaBel or
GoLabel. Save it as HARDCOD2.PGM or HARDCODE.PM and try that. It seemed
OK at my end (I don't use the program); at least it stopped deleting the
word "fix" from your source file.
HARDCODE.PGM uses "fix" as a marker (I've not looked closely at why it
does that, though why it'd use a real word is beyond me), and ultimately
cleans all "fix" strings from the file (ci /fix//, twice, for good

Paul Lagasse

Harry Binswanger wrote:
Isn't hardcode.pgm something developed by XyQuest and send out by them, with purchase? If so, it's known to be a bad-behaving program.
If all you want to do is change DC tags into their numbers, a
simple-minded program to do that is:

b-gin [UNTITLED]
[BC_]Pgm assumes there's no resetting of counters--ok? (-/n){
EI{>};*;[cr|lf][BC_]enter number of counter, 1 - 9 (or x){<}S
}{>}[TF_][XP_]{<}SX04,1{>};*;[cr|lf]{<}LBA{>};*; LOOP [cr|lf]
[BX_]se /{<}PV595{>}c{<}PV02{>}{<}PV596{>}/[Q2_];*;[cr|lf]{<}
Robert, Carl, anybody,
I have discovered an anomaly using hardcode.pgm. All instances of the string "fix" (case insensitive) in the source file are deleted from the target file. I attach samples. I'm guessing there is a mechanical pun involving a command call in the hardcode.pgm. Help?