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Re: hardcode.pgm anomaly

Harry Binswanger wrote:
Isn't hardcode.pgm something developed by XyQuest and send out by them, with purchase? If so, it's known to be a bad-behaving program.
There are, in fact, two routines going by the name of HARDCODE.P*
On my machine they are (I changed the extensions so both could
exist on the one drive):
Hardcode.pm	9951 	12-12-2006
hardcode.pgm	2368	11-29-2005

In fact, the older and smaller of the two is Carl's; the larger
gets its date from the occasion when some kind soul sent it back
to me, after I had sent it to him some years ago, then lost it
when my hard drive died.

The larger is the one from XyQuest, and so far from finding it
buggy, I prefer it, because it handles multi-level counters (1,
1.1., 1.2, 2, 2.1., 2.2.1, etc.), which I use extensively.
That's apparently the one Flash was using, and it does contain the term "fix" and does CI it to nothing in the course of the program. As later became apparent, changing that term worked to fix it.
Patricia M. Godfrey