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Re: google box

Reply to note from "R. E. Stannard Jr." 
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 00:11:10 -0800 (PST)

> Thanks, Carl, but what I saw was instructions in regular
> English.

Well there's your problem right off, Ted. Computers need pidgin!

> And when I applied them, I ended up with a google box in the
> line at the bottom of the screen even when I wasn't in browser.
> Worked swell.

Ah, the Googlebar, or whatever it's called. As I'm never not in
browser, I never felt the need. But give Robert's instructions a
whirl. I tried them today and they work swell, too.

> Disappeared next day.

That's normal. Computers, as you know, are binary: one-zero, on-
off, here today....

P.S. Naturally, Google searches can be issued from the Xy CMline
(with v4 + U2). YAG [keyword(s)]. Yet Another Google
input method. Works swell as well.

Carl Distefano