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Undocumented goodies

A confession: I arrived at Xyquest after several years as an
enthusiastic user. For the features of III+ that I used, I knew
the features (and therefore the manual) pretty much inside-out.
As we developed stuff for the new product (Signature -- XY4 --
XyWin), we knew the new stuff we were putting in, while others
did the documentation. We would check documentation drafts of
particular features for accuracy, but I don't think I ever read
the whole thing front to back. So for many features, *I haven't
gotten around to reading the manual*! So, Harry and others: I'm
not holding out on you. I sometimes just don't know what's
documented and what isn't (for all I know, the no-argument CD
command *is* documented...somewhere). And there are some
features that may be news to me, documented or not! I'll try to
share tidbits (or bigger bits) as they occur to me or as I run
across them.

Tim Baehr