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Re: Signature

** Reply to message from Myron Gochnauer  on Tue, 1
Jan 2008 19:51:30 -0400

> I have a scanned, pdf version of the "Signature Programming Guide". 
> It's 5.3 MB.

We already (January 2006) have that, in both searchable
(text-based) PDF form (it's only 450Kb -- how did your's get so
big? is it image-based? to be useful, these texts must be
OCRed) *and* as a native Xy4 document (240Kb). Get it here:

or display it online with Acrobat (best result)|GSView:

It's the first item in the category. Be sure to read my Preface
on page 6 -- it explains what you can do with the two different
flavors provided (PDF and Xy4). The pagination of the PDF
follows the original publication exactly. I added a couple of
missing commands, otherwise it is the original.

Robert Holmgren