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FROM: Robin Gaster

TO: Hahn, Brenda OTA/TIS                    DATE: 06-22-90
                                TIME: 16:45 CC:
Subject:  saving files PRIORITY: ATTACHMENTS:

Dear Brenda,
  Here we go again. Yesterday, I closed up shop after using 2 windows to
hold 2 files. I stored both, naturally. This morning, I found that one file
had been saved twice, in the names of both the two files. The second file is
now< gone to the hereafter -- and apparently unreachable.
  As I did NOT type in the name of eiother of these files, but simply used
the "st" command, I cannot see how this could have happened. I suspect that
the problem that I (still) have with occasionally being forced to ype the
entire path of a file that I'm saving may be to blame. Do you have any ideas
a) what could have happened; b) how to fix it.

  On a related topic. I am now seriously paranoid about saving files using
xywrite. I would like to arrange for xywrite to prompt me with the name of the
file before it actually changes the file in memory. This is standard with
every other word processing program on the market. Can it be done with xywrite?

  Thanks. RG.