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Re: xyW & win98

<< I have had a few more problems getting XyWrite to coexist 
with Win98 than I experienced with any version of MS-DOS, 
with Windows 3.11 or even the notoriously buggy Win95 first 
release. [...] Win98 especially seems to want to handle all 
calls to DOS, and goes error-happy when anything tries to 
circumvent its control. >> --Jeff  
re "Re: Xy4/DOS quirk? ... and Win98 instability"

<< My latest version is 3+[. ...] it does have a problem 
running under Windows 98, and I'm hoping there's a fix or 
patch to address this-- without buying a newer version 
which I don't need anyway. Sometimes, for no reason that I'm 
certain of but which seems to be related to typing quickly, 
perhaps hitting a certain combination of keys, it freezes 
the screen. [...] The only way I've found to recover is to 
do a complete reboot. --Pete  
re "XY 3+ freezes in Win 98"

You both may--or may not--be able to solve some probs 
by copying a more agreeable dos (don't install it of 
course, but include command.com) to a new subdir and 
loading xyW with a pif that points to a batch file 
with a path statement that specifies that subdir.

My Pentium laptop dual-boots DR-DOS 7.02 and win95 with 
a DR-DOS util. Under win95, by loading xyW with a pif->bat 
that has a path statement that includes my DR-DOS subdir, 
the command shell xyW runs under is DR-DOS. Strange but 
true--and entirely unintentional. Don't tell MS. But a 
Windows 4dos command shell was or is available (Harry?), 
so I guess it's not *that* strange. ... Ciao. 
			--right-about-a-lot-of-things annie

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