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Re: xyW+win2k

	When win2k was new, Paul Andrews wrote
	a Seattle Times column about it that
	discussed dosNotaBene (by implication,
	xyWrite) and Magellan issues. The
	"xyW+Windows" link at the top of my site's
	xyW index page http://www.escape.com/~yesss/_xypro.html --me

	Thanks, Annie. I found the Andrews column
	very informative about Win2000. Is it still
	so pricey? --Harry

Yer welcome, Harry. I've not a clue about price--
no personal interest. (I plan to use win95 as long
as it continues to support my h/s'ware, for the absence
of MSIE drek in the kernel and because it's a dos
OS that in my systems is totally stable.) With XP
imminent, I'd guess that the win2k price is down
or soon will be. Incidentally, my doubts about my
link to Andrews's full column were unfounded; the
link works. ... Ciao. 				--a

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