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RE: starting XyWin in minimal mode

There is a limit on the number of Windows fonts XyW can handle; I found out
the hard way. I'm not sure, but think that limit is somewhere ca. 600

At 09:43 AM 1/20/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Pending advice from the advanced cognoscenti, I am unaware of a parameter
>that would load a "vanilla" XyW; however, you might start by commenting out
>all lines (by inserting a semicolon at the beginning of the line) in the
>"xwstart.int" file, then removing semicolons after successive restarts of
>XyW to see where the problem might lie.
>xwstart.int is a program file that typically sets a default drive for
>temporary files, loads help files, performs a login, loads menu, dialogue,
>keyboard, settings (typically xwset.dfl), spelling, hyphenation, save/get
>(or macro or phrase) files, and ends in a default directory. When I have
>encountered XyWrite problems (usually when changing machines) they are
>usually solved by modifying the xwstart.int or xwset.dfl files as necessary.
>If the problem lies in the xwset.dfl file, commenting out with semicolons
>also works.
>Another source of problems also occurs to me from your "Error loading
>Windows printer fonts" message: I seem to recall having this message on a
>machine that had installed an unreasonable number (about 200) Windows
>printer fonts, installed by a Xerox printer setup program. I later changed
>printers and unloaded about three-quarters of the fonts, and do not seem to
>have had the message since then. Since I don't see any reference in my XyW
>settings files pointing to the location of Windows printer fonts, this
>overabundance of fonts may be the problem if there is some (undocumented)
>limit on the number of Windows fonts XyW can handle.
>Paul Ambos
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>> Subject:	starting XyWin in minimal mode
>> I haven't used XyWin for some time, and when I tried today to start it,
>> I got two error messages: "Error loading Windows printer fonts" and
>> "Protection violation". I can't clear the second message, and have to
>> force a close at that point. I don't believe there has been any change
>> to any of the management files since I last used the program, but of
>> course many other program installations during the interim could have
>> changed my system so it's now hostile to my earlier XyWin settings.
>> Is there a parameter that can be used to load XyWin with minimal baggage
>> so I can search for the problem? At this point I can't even get in.
>> If I knew what the culprit was, I could use NBWin to edit the management
>> file causing the problem. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
>> 	Many thanks,
>> 	Dorothy
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