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RE: XPL insight: old news?

>None of the several swift responses answered my question...
>To reiterate the question in a more pointed form: did anyone here know how
>to recall a loaded string for editing last week? (This is an operation which
>XPL [in its Xy3 form at least] egregiously fails to permit: loaded strings
>are inaccessible, because there is no function which will insert them. My
>provisional interpretation is that people have not recognized this basic
>defect in the XPL storage system as such: hence the lack of interest in its

Hmmm, I thought my reply was responsive, but ... apparently not. Now the
question seems to have changed (I second Harry B.'s comment about the opacity
of your posts), and I'm not at all sure what it is you're asking. "Recall a
loaded string for editing"? What's a "loaded string"? A string loaded to a
save/get? Or what? And what do you mean by "editing"? In a text window,
manually? In memory, in hands-off fashion, via XPL? You'll have to be more
specific (preferably with examples of code you find troublesome) to get a
helpful reply. And please include the precise version of XyWrite you're
running. You allude to v3, but don't say whether it's 3.53, 3.54 or later.
It could make a difference.

On the face of it, your assertion that "there is no function which will
insert" a string loaded to a save/get (if that's what you're talking about) is
patently wrong. But, having no confidence whatsoever that I understand your
query (and hampered by lack of access to my own computer since I'll be
traveling until next week), I'll defer any further comment until you provide a
clear statement of the problem.

Happy New Year.

Carl Distefano