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Levin Santos wrote:
> I'm running Xywrite 3.55+ with Windows 95, recently installed. Xywrite
> works fine on a stand alone machine but when the drivers for our Novell
> Network are loaded, commands in Xywrite are not executed until another
> keystroke is made at random. I've "rem'd" out virtually everything in
> config.sys and autoexec.bat and stepped through the Windows 95 loading
> sequence from the Windows 95 menu accessible in startup by pressing F8.
> Restoring things one at a time has narrowed the problem to the "drivers"
> automatically loaded in the Windows startup sequence. Xywrite also
> works from Windows 95 in safe mode but not in safe mode with Network
> access.
> Does anyone have a clue about how to fix this problem or find a
> workaround?

Does this happen when you issue function calls as well as commands?

Is there anything in the Novell system that requires use of the F5 key? It is
possible that when you type F5 to blank the command line, in order to issue your
command, you are running into a conflict with something in the Novell system.

If you know how to modify your keyboard file, search for your table= and then
search for 63=. You will probably find this:


Edit this so it says 63=ni,Q5,bc.

That might work.

Then again . . .

I assume that if you start with F8 and then load everything BUT the Novell drivers
things work as usual?

Leslie Bialler
Columbia University Press