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Re: Grrr [OS2 and XY install]

> Carter: I leave the study of pathology to specialists. For news, I consult
> credible sources. ... Happily, nobody pulled DR DOS from under *me*. When I
> have tech questions (as I did recently when converting a debug script to
> DRI's counterpart, sid), Novell never lets me down. I returned ND7 after a
> whirlwind trial. I've no patience with flaky OSes, guis, or apps, and no
> taste for faddish software. I find DR DOS 6 (March '93) as stable and
> reliable as ever for dos activities and as a Windows 3.1 host. 	--A

Hi Annie;
No, you are right, the news groups can be misleading at times. But sometimes,
if you keep a sharp eye, you can get a feel for the situation at hand and the
atmosphere surrounding a subject and that can tell you a lot.

As for DR/NW DOS and Novell, well that was a rather disappointing series of
events. I wasn't told about Novell's dumping of NWDOS (by Novell, I mean)
and when I did find out, I called and asked them if this was true. Novell
said something to the effect of "of course not you silly man", then poof,

As for flaky OS's and the like, I was quite happy with NWDOS 7/Desqview and the
little network that I had set up. I could do most anything I wanted to. Then
came my wife's need to use Word 6 (translation industry now wants Word only)
and all of that came crashing to an end.

With no updates available, no answers to my questions, and no where to go, I
was caught with my pants down in the middle of a field (figuratively speaking).
So, I decide to jump to OS/2, because I like multitasking and I don't like
Microsoft. I get myself all set up and take the time to carefully migrate
my environment, then *poof*, rumours of OS/2 being flushed.

I think I will dust off my old Apple ][ and go live in a cave somewhere. It's
got to be safer than jumping to an new OS and yelling "Shoot Me Now!"

In any case, all I can say is "I hope they don't flush it".

Carter Campbell
Calgary Alberta