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Dear Robert
       I apologize for the way I worded my question so that you thought
that I was asking about Dos.  As a practical matter it would be impossi-
ble for anyone who has been using XyWrite for more than 12 years -- as I
mentioned in my second letter to you --  to not understand Dos.  There
is no way that you can make changes in either startup.int or the path
settings in  setting.dfl if you do not understand Dos.
       What I wanted and still want to find out was and is how you set a
path in WINDOWS XP, not in Dos.  I knew what the path was.  I had
pointed out to you in my first letter that d:\windows was the first
directory in the path and that I had placed kmd.exe in that directory.  I
appreciate your telling me the commands for locating my operating
system, but I already knew where my operating system was since I had
put it there but that was not the question I had asked.  What I had
wanted to know about path was how to change it in Windows XP.  It is
very simple in Dos, you can change the path statement in the
autoexec.bat.  Unfortunately the reference manual I use for Windows XP,
namely Windows XP, the Missing Manual by David Pogue does not
discuss it and when I tried both through Search and through Index in the
"Help and Support Center" of Windows XP I could not find any
reference to changing the path.
       With regard to the reference to autoexec.bat I was not asking you
what it was.  I referred to it as "a" file called autoexec.bat to indicate
that it was a superfluous file that had no function.  In fact I indicated
that the path statement in that autoexec.bat file on the c:drive  was not a
functioning one since it differed from the path statement obtained when
typing echo %path%.
       I am still confused about REGEDIT as used on the XyWrite web site
and would appreciate where I could find a clear explanation of the term
as used in connection with U2.  I have used REGEDIT to edit my
windows registry in Windows 98SE and in Windows XP.  However, I
have not seen or heard of the term in any other context.  There is no
reference to it under the letter "R" in the index to either the XyWrite
Command Reference Guide, the XyWrite Customization Guide, XyWrite 4
Macros by Campbell and Allen, XyWrite Revealed by Herbert Tyson or in
Write Made Easier, Revised and Expanded for XyWrite III Plus, Forward
by John C. Dvorak, by David H. Rothman.  Nor could I find any
reference to it in my manual for Nota Bene 3. In fact when I did a
search in the allnews directory of newspapers on both Lexis and Westlaw
for Regedit and XyWrite, I could not find a single reference.
       I am appreciative that you and the others are able to keep the XyWrite
users group alive and functioning since otherwise those of us who are
still using XyWrite in an increasingly hostile world to dos users and are cursing Gates and Microsoft would have nowhere to go for help.  In any event I am sorry if you feel I am wasting your
time by asking a question before doing my homework.  I thought that I
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