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** Reply to message from "Avrom Fischer"  on Sat, 25 Dec 2004
23:43:56 -0500

> What I wanted and still want to find out was and is how you set a
> path in WINDOWS XP, not in Dos.



While this specifically described how to add Editor's directory to the DOS
PATH, the method is the same for any dir spec you want to add to the PATH.
After you've entered new spec(s), double-check that you did it right by opening
a *new* DOS window (must be a new one), and command:

echo %PATH%

That will display the entire new PATH variable to you. Quit and relaunch any
DOS session (e.g. XyWrite) that needs to read the updated PATH spec.

I posted the above message *four* (4) days ago! A certain Mr. Ed Reading (whom
I don't know) feels that I abused you "astonishingly" yesterday (that I was
snotty, arrogant, unuseful, and unhumble -- not to mention dishonest [!] -- all
multiplied by two because it was public. Mr. Reading had hoped, I think, to
help you out with your questions, but ... nemo dat quod non habet. Or maybe he
just forgot to write). Look: I find that I repeat myself endlessly, I lose
patience, and this examples why. We should start charging for this service and
then see how many questions are repeatedly asked!

> I am still confused about REGEDIT as used on the XyWrite web site
> and would appreciate where I could find a clear explanation of the term
> as used in connection with U2.

I believe I answered you two days ago, at great length, and pointed you at a
text file called REG-READ.ME, downloadable from yet another message, that
explains everything you need to know, and much more, about U2's REGEDIT frame.
You say you "also downloaded reg-read.me into that directory". OK -- that's
half the battle -- now read it!

Or was there something about the text of that message two days ago that is
unclear? I explained the genesis of the term "REGEDIT" as we use it in U2,
e.g. that "the terminology parallels that of the external Windows Registry". I
believe I suggested that you command HELP REGEDIT "for more
information than you need". But here it is again: There's a file full of user
variables that are consulted by U2. It is called XyWWWeb.REG. You can edit
that file manually, or you can use a U2 program called RegEdit, which doesn't
do much more than automatically go to a user variable you specify so that you
can, again, *manually* edit it. It is obvious what REG is when you look at it,
and what REGEDIT does when you try it. XyWWWeb.REG has NOTHING to do with the
Windows registry. Nothing. Why is this difficult to understand? I don't know
how to describe U2's REGEDIT more clearly. Yes, the names of programs in U2
are different than the native command names (and therefore do NOT appear in the
Xy4 Manual, indexed or otherwise). U2 is a third-party add-on; it was not part
of the XyWrite program as published by XyQuest. It was not written by XyQuest.
It was written by Carl and me. There is a ton of documentation in XyWWWeb.INF.

Concerning why you might want to put Xy4 in the PATH, and why you haven't
noticed any need for it: if you don't use the Microlytics spellcheckers, then
you don't need to put Editor's dir in the PATH. But if you do use the
spellers, and your current directory is not the same as the directory where the
speller is located (presumably same dir as Editor), then the speller won't work.

Carl also made another pertinent point, which I suggest you review again:


Robert Holmgren