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** Reply to note from  05/13/96 10:42am -0500

>>>I thought everyone could do [multiple wildcard s&rs] in 3.5.

> From Robert "blah blah blah" Holmgren
>> Ahem. May I butt in? You guys blab too much about nothing. Take a look
>> at my BIGDEFIN.PM from 1989. BIGDEFIN.ZIP. Should be on the TTG BBS

> So when was the last time that you issued a [WordCount] command for one
> of your epic posts?
> And 1989? Kinda slow, weren't you? Most of the new 3+ XPLs
> were finished by 1987 and 1988.

1989 was the last version of BIGDEFIN. XyWrite's feature set kept changing v3.50 through
v3.57, so 3rd party programs were continuously adjusted to track the changes.
Surely you're aware that wildcard CHanges were not natively available in v3.5x. So not
"everyone" could do them; in fact, no one could do them.
WILDCIA overcame that limitation -- the first program to do so, to my knowledge. If you
have a serviceable routine that automates multiple wildcard CHanges under v3.5x, why not
share it with us?

In anticipation, thanks for your help.

Robert Holmgren