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Re: XyWWWeb.REG error message

Harry Binswanger wrote:
Thanks, Carl. That did the trick.
It's not as good as a thorough-going portable installation (which I cannot get around to doing, having to FIGHT carrion-crow Thunderbird every minute), but here's how I save myself having to reinstall Xy ever: most laptops and Netbooks, and many desktops, have multiformat picture card readers. These cards (xD, MMC, SD etc) were designed to transfer pictures from a camera to a PC. But at 1 G and up, they can function as mini hard drives, and unlike USB drives, they don't stick out of the unit, but fit fairly snugly: just enough so you can grasp them to remove them (after, of course, having gone through the Safely stop hardware routine). I have Xy and XyWin, dBase, and a couple of other apps that don't have to be installed on one, and move it from machine to machine. Only trick is, one must make sure the drive letter is always the same (which it won't be if a USB drive got put in out of usual sequence; you can fix it in Computer Management->Storage, but it's hassle).
Of course, if you create a separate DOS apps partition on your hard
drive, you can use that (and it should stay safe if you have to
reinstall; ditto your data if that's on drive e:), but laptop hard
drives are so small, a little extra storage space is welcome. Not to
mention that you can't buy bare iron laptops and do everything from
scratch, as you can with desktops. Note that this permits you to CD to
the Xy (or dBase or whatever) directory by having the shortcut open in
it; then you don't have to worry about paths.
By the by, does anyone know WHERE the latest version of Tbird (
has HIDDEN the option to attach a signature file to one's messages?
Patricia M. Godfrey