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Re: can anyone suggest a good program for running a web page?

For simple uploading/downloading (either ftp, sftp or fancier) I use
cyberduck. Works like a charm on oodles of servers, all of which are
some flavor of unix. For slightly fancier purposes (i.e. modest site
management and editing) I use Coda.
I don't understand what you could mean about unix not recognizing
uppercase; unix recognizes mixed case—i.e., it distinguishes case.
'david' ain't 'David' and hence (while, not quite hence) david ain't
David. I don't know of a reason why your unix filenames can't all be
all uppercase. (Of course, you'd better *refer* to them that way too.)

David Auerbach
Department of Philosophy & Religion
Box 8103
Raleigh, NC 27695-8103

On Jan 5, at 4:08 PM, Andy Turnbull wrote:
Can anyone suggest a good program to manage a web page?
I can manage mine with my mac and textwrangler, but the server won't let the mac in very often.
It will let my windows machine in with filezilla, but I can't figure
out how to use filezilla. It doesn't want to show may any files,
though it does say it is uploading == trouble is I don't want it to
upload, and I have no idea what it is uploading!
also a problem -- the website server is a unix machine that won't
recognize upper case file names, and xywrite uses only upper case
file names. Can anyone suggest a fix for that?

andy t