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Re: can anyone suggest a good program for running a web page?

≪It will let my windows machine in with filezilla, but I can't figure out how to use filezilla. It doesn't want to show may any files, though it does say it is uploading == trouble is I don't want it to upload, and I have no idea what it is uploading!
also a problem -- the website server is a unix machine that won't
recognize upper case file names, and xywrite uses only upper case file
names. Can anyone suggest a fix for that?≫
Windows Commander will do all these things: manage multiple servers,
rename files in lower case, show you what it is uploading, let you
specify target and source directories, and much more.
Incidentally, it also not only searches for, but reliably finds, text
within files--regardless of extensions (including within files without
extensions), without need for the MS-Windows indexing function. It's a
fabulous file management program; Explorer is rubbish by comparison.

See screenshot.

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