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Landscape Printing Of Speedo's

Jordan, there is a technical problem with the HP LaserJet II concerning the
rotation of Speedo fonts. So, when the default orientation is set to landscape
(while using the HP II driver), the Speedo fonts are not available in the
typeface menu. Using the HPLJ-4.PRN file (to fool the program) will not work
because the printer cannot rotate these fonts. This changed with the advent of
the IIP printer, where it can rotate the Speedo fonts. All HP LaserJets since
that point also have no problem. Each of the .BIN files (LJ.BIN, LJ3.BIN,
LJ4.BIN) are coded in a manner which incorporates this technical situation...
the LJ.BIN (used for the II, IIP and IID) has information coded into this file
which indicates to the program whether the Speedo font can or cannot be
rotated. I am not sure if Bitstream distributes Speedo fonts which have an
indigenous landscape quality. Bitstream is located in Cambridge, MA.

Regards, Jim