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Re: Win95 draft font

I've had the exact same problem. But calling up explorer,
shifting directories, then closing it always works for me. I
have no idea why this works. Also, make sure your display
properties are set to large fonts. I seem to recall that XyWin
looks for a certain font before it looks for an OEM font, and
apparently it can't find what it needs in Win95. Any thoughts
from TTG?

Michael Manove wrote:
> > Hi. I've been having a horrible problem with Xywrite for Windows 4.12 and
> Win95. In DRAFT MODE (and expanded mode), Xywrite uses an inappropriately
> small font. In the past, Xywrite would change to the proper font after I
> opened some directories in the Win95 Explorer, but now, that has stopped
> working. We are talking about 8415oem.fon, I think. But Xywrite insists on
> using what looks like a 7-pt font rather than the proper 11-pt font.  If you
> have any ideas, I would sure appreciate hearing them. I've been working
> with Xywrite for about 12 years. It's a great program, but the bugs are
> maddening.
> > Thanks.
> > Michael Manove
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