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RE: starting XyWin in minimal mode

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Peter Evans wrote:

> Dorothy, if you have indeed exceeded XyWin's tolerances with the number of
> your fonts, then (regardless of your opinion of the relative merits of
> XyWin, NBWin, etc.) I'd try hard to reduce the number of your fonts. What
> caused XyWin to gag is hardly likely to be harmless elsewhere. Once a year
> or so I look quickly through my fonts and find several that I dislike --
> presumably installed by programs when I wasn't looking, and Microsoft isn't
> the only culprit -- and a much larger number that are pretty good but that
> I don't particularly like and that I never choose to use.

	Yes, I know, but "quickly" is not how I'd describe having to
weed through those fonts. I've put it off too long, and I know there are
many I will never use, but others are part of Unitype's Global Writer
(freebie courtesy of Languages of the World, a near-giveaway CD I got
for $29.95 that handles scripts of "51 languages", though the editor
sure isn't XyWrite or Nota Bene). Other are fonts for IE5 that I want to
keep around. I'm abusing a fairly fast system with all that baggage, but
it hasn't bogged me down enough yet to drive me to actually houseclean...


Dorothy Day
School of Library & Information Science
Indiana University

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