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Re: R: xy windows [again]

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Sun, 13 Dec 1998 23:19:49 +0100

> About the speed, I find that Xy4 Win is faster than Xy4 Dos.

That needs to be defined more carefully. In graphic mode, there is no
question: XyWin is faster -- much much faster. If I recall correctly the
tests that Carl and I performed about three years ago, we measured
something like a 12-fold improvement in speed under XyWin (we were
amazed). Graphic mode is XyWin's "native" mode, and it is admirably
optimized for it. If real WYSIWYG is your preference, XyWin delivers
(albeit in its buggy way).

In every other mode -- expanded, draft, page-line (which latter, it should
be noted, is also inherent in XyWin's graphic mode) -- Xy4DOS is faster
(XyWin simply emulates these modes on a graphical screen, and speed is
miserable); and if there is an absolute "fastest of all", then it's Xy4DOS
running in expanded mode, because that is the "native" mode of Xy4DOS
(XyWin in graphic mode under Windows can't begin to compare to the speed
of Xy4DOS-Expanded Mode under DOS).

It really depends on what you consider "normal", and how you want to
view and edit your files. Do you want to see HOW your documents are
formatted, or do you want to see the EFFECT of that formatting? As a
control freak, I like the former; but a compelling case can obviously be
made for the latter too.

Robert Holmgren