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Sigh ... (Was: Superscripsit)

Seized by a fit of industry over the weekend,
I set about getting rid of scores of old
back issues of PC Magazine.

 * In their cover story of Feb. 29, 1988, they
  trumpeted the testing of *55* word processors.
  XyWrite III Plus (3.52) was an Editor's Choice,
  as were Nota Bene 3.0, Word 4.0, and WP 4.2.

 * By 1992 or thereabouts, at the beginning of the
  modern Windoze era, the list was down to 10.

 * Now (in the Wintel world at least) there are,
  what, three?

Sigh ...

Stephen Moore
  essmo@xxxxxxxx   <*>   Never bite when a simple growl will do.