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Re: XyWr versions questions

PRF> "If you would be so kind, I am curious to know how XyWrite for
   Dos 4 runs in the MS Windows environment. I'd appreciate your

PMJI -- can't comment on the Windoze environment per se, but I've heard a
number of highly credible testimonials that XY4DOS runs extremely well under
OS/2 (the full ver. 2.1 of which can also run Windoze app.s.)

PRF> "XyWrite 4.0 seems to come with the same font package, and it's
   obvious why a XyWrite printer driver is necessary. What other
   fonts, if any, are either included in the package or are
   available as add-ons?"

If you want to use Truetype fonts, I guess you're stuck with XyWin. Had I not
acquired so many Speedo fonts (they've been available in assorted font paks for
WP, which mail-order Co. Surplus Software was moving out the door for about
$15.), I might have made some attempt to adapt my large collection of Softcraft
bitmapped fonts for use under XY4. It would mainly require a certain amount of
futzing around with the printer driver, and would have the advantage that I
customized a lot of those fonts with a font editor and could continue doing so
-- but at the same time losing the great conven- ience of sizing Typefaces
on-the-fly. The bitmaps are really an older font solution, more suited to use
with XY 3.5x.