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R: Legal pleading paper, etc.

John Cumming wrote:
> 1) In California's trial courts, we are required to print motions, etc.
> on "pleading" paper with a column of numbers double-spaced on the left,
> two solid vertical lines running from the top to the bottom of the page
> just to the right of the column of numbers...

I suspect this is one of the things Xy4 cannot do. Both in columns and
tables, it can do lines with different weight but not double lines. To do a
double line, I thought a work around should be to ask him to build two
tables, the first starting on the left of the page and the second starting
just on the right of the first one, but I was unable to do it.

> 2) I have seen this question asked but not answered. Footnote numbers
> are superscripted but always print out the same size as the regular text
> (even though they appear on screen in the smaller superscript size). I
> would like the footnote numbers to print out in a smaller size...

Xy4 can print superscripted note in smaller size only for scalable speedo
fonts. On my Xy4 manual this is explained on page 18-25, under LH default
I've no answers for the other questions you posed. I hope users more
experienced than me can give you the answers, and also nicer answer then
the mine for the above questions.

Adriano Ortile