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Re: Landscape printing

First off, I'll admit this is not the sort of thing we expect XyW to
handle. But being a cronic tweaker, I'd like not to have to be exporting
to polish the formatting all the time. And I've discovered that when
printing in landscape XyWin (and I think I recall XyDOS too, from the
days when I had a postscript printer) skews the margins slightly. Set OFF
1in,1in, and it comes out .8 inches on the left margin and 1.2 on the
right. Now one can make allowances if one is just printing across. But if
one is doing a booklet, with alternating pages, the even-number pages
will be way out of whack if you do that. Any suggestions for a
work-around, or do I just have to export to WordPerfect? (Actually, WP's
booklet printing function is really quite good. It's just having to clean
up the autonumbers and apostrophes that I dread.)