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Re: Landscape printing

** Reply to message from Patricia M Godfrey  on Sat, 26 Oct
2002 12:25:07 -0400

> Set OF 1in,1in, and it comes out .8 inches on the left margin and 1.2 on the
> right. Now one can make allowances if one is just printing across. But if
> one is doing a booklet, with alternating pages, the even-number pages
> will be way out of whack if you do that.

Wow, that's an ancient issue. Have you tried  (gotta be on
the *first* line of the document, & don't forget the "OS1")? That will
certainly give you completely uniform results on every page, odd and even...

If doing double-sided, do you need space for the binding? Different values in
that case. But you know that...

Robert Holmgren