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Re: Typing allergy

** Reply to message from Harry Binswanger  on Sun, 04 Jan 2004
00:24:18 -0500

> Thanks for reminding me. At long last, I have installed RUNCODE on a key.
> It will remove the long-standing aggravation of having to type "run
> {whatever}.pgm" while I'm debugging.

Lord, you can't put every program on a key! Keys are in short supply, programs
are passing numerous. Makes more sense to me to Stack it while you're using
it, then if months go by and you're not programming, it will work its way out
of the Stack and not clutter your head. DeFine the code you want to run,
command RUNCODE, and Done.

RUNCODE is great for snippets and demos and little stuff, but it isn't the
all-in-one solution. Importantly with large routines, it adds one-third to the
memory consumed, because RUNCODE reads the entire routine into a single
Save/Get. Since the entire routine is also (always) read into a "Special
Save/Get" (*0005h) and then, during processing, the individual Save/Gets
addressed in the program acquire content, with RUNCODE you now have three
copies in memory (plus the overhead of RUNCODE itself). Thus OOM can loom (Out
Of Memory). For another thing, argument passing is a bit tricky if you load
RUNCODE on a key -- you've got to mind the command line quite vigilantly.

As for "the long-standing aggravation of having to type "run {whatever}.pgm"
while I'm debugging" -- well, I type it once, and I don't find that
aggravating. I type _every_ command once! Then the commands are in the Stack,
at which point you just pop them -- no retyping ever. I also have an
indispensable key that puts the fully-qualified d:\path\filename of the current
file at the current cursor position (CMline or text): U2 routine FN2CM. And
another indispensable key that either puts the CMline into text, or puts
DeFined text on the CMline, depending upon cursor position and DF state: U2
routine PUTDF-CM.

Robert Holmgren