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Re: Ignorant keyboard question

"Yo Intl." wrote:
> Can somebody give me an idea how to insert what should be a simple function
> into the keyboard?
> What I would like to do is program one key in such a way that it gives me a
> directory of some often used files and then lets me chose one of them;
> similar to the "Favourites" function in NoteTab.


Would all the files you are talking about be in the same directory? If
so, I think the way to begin thinking about this issue would be to
configure your startup.int file so that the files in the directory are
listed by date, most recent first, and assuming each time you access the
file you re-save it. If they are in different directories, however, I
can't think of a way to do this. Hopefully some of the wise persons on
the list will think of one, because you have intrigued me here.

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