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Re: v3-4 gotcha & y3=1 -Reply

Leslie Bialler said...

  I have reported the bug to Tech Group who promises a fix, but that was
before the holidays and I have been lax at following up on this, so if
anybody in Baltimore is reading this . . .

Steve Crutchfield mused...

Is anyone in Baltimore reading this? Kenny F and others from TTG used to
be regular posters to this list. Haven't heard much lately. A positive thought
is that they're too busy readying XyWrite 5 for release. Or maybe they got
socked in by the recent blizzard here in the DC/Baltimore area and they
internet lines are frozen :)

Hey Kenny F.... if you're reading this, how about giving us an update on
how the next release of XyWrite is coming? Remember you said it would
be going beta during the first quarter.